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Account Details

All accounts follow the same naming system detailed below:
 [Year cohort started Farley][First Initial][Last Name)

Your teacher would have given you details of your password.

Year 3: (Micky Mouse)
Year 4: (Bugs Bunny)
Year 5: (Roger Rabbit)
Year 6: (Elmer Fudd)


Q: My phone/ Tablet says I do not have access to Google Classroom?
A: If you are using Android (Not an iPhone/ iPad), you would have already signed into the device with your personal account. you need to ensure you are using your school account to access Google Classroom (There should be an option to use another account, please see help links below for more information).

Q: I've forgotten my Password?
A: Your parent/ carer may have received an email with your Username and Password, If not please ask your teacher or ask your parent/ carer to call the school. If necessary it can be reset by certain members of staff.

Q: Can I change my password?
A: you are able to change your own password, if you would like. However we will not be able to remind you what it is, if you do so. Please ensure you tell your parent / carer your new password if you change it.

 Help Articles (Google Website)

Main Help Page: Link
Logging in: Link

 App Links:


Classroom: Click/ Tap Here
Docs (Recommended): Click/ Tap Here
Sheets (Recommended): Click/ Tap Here
Slides (Recommended): Click/ Tap Here

 Apple (iOS):

Classroom: Click/ Tap Here
Docs (Recommended): Click/ Tap Here
Sheets (Recommended): Click/ Tap Here
Slides (Recommended): Click/ Tap Here


 Account Issues / Additional Help

If you where unable to resolve your issue using the above links, or have any issues related to your account or classroom, please email the below address:

This page may be updated with future advice, please email above address with any recommendations or concerns.