Year 5 News

Year 5 Home Learning

Well Done to all the Year 5 children who are working hard on their google classroom learning and projects. Here are some examples of your work. If you would like to send us your learning post it to us on Google Classroom or email us at Stay safe and keep up the hard work at home. 


Feeling extremely proud of Isaac in Kahlo Class's Topic Project. Look at the details in his map of Pakistan! Isaac has also been reading and researching the life and work of Ferdinand Magellan. He even made a fact book!

 Well Done to Jacob in Kahlo Class for working hard at home.  Here is Jacob's moon buggy which he designed it himself. Fantastic work, Jacob! 

Well Done to Priyan! For completing all his Maths No Problem weekly challenge. Amazing to see you solving some fraction problems, Priyan! Proud.  

Alan in Kapoor Class, was inspired by  Edward Wilson's painting of birds and decided to create his own masterpiece using colour pencils. Do you like Alan's drawing of South American Toucans? Well Done Alan! Make sure like Alan you complete your Topic Project. 


 Hannah in Riley Class is keeping busy by studying art. She created this observational drawing and it is fabulous! Do you have a creative piece of work like Hannah? Send it to us! 


Chess Club

We don't know about you, but we really miss the opportunity to show off our chess skills during break times in Kahlo are a few pictures from last term. If you have the opportunity to brush up on your chess skills at home, do send us a picture and we will post it on our school page. Keep that brain busy!

Science Master Class with St Albans High School for Girls

Our friends from St. Albans High School for Girls are always visiting us to teach us a range of skills. Remember the last time they came round before school closed? We were hooked on the Science Master Class. The girls from St Albans were supposed to come back for another Master Class this term, but school closed and we're sitting here reminiscing those days...We really miss the St. Albans gang! Are you keeping up to date with your Science learning on google classroom? Check the challenges your teacher has sent you. We want to see all our Science experts in Year 5 promoting scientific learning at home. 

St Albans High School for Girls rocks when it comes to Master Classes. What is more exciting than having high school pupils come teach Year 5? Mark our words, we're on our way to ruling our first year of high school in 2021! Woohoo!!!

We learnt all about chemical reaction in the last Master Class. We were curious, we love glow sticks, so we began to question, how do glow sticks work? Who better to explain to us than brainy high school pupils?

Through lots of experiments, they taught us how mixing two substances together can lead to a massive chemical reaction which involves lots of FIZZ, POP, BOOM! When it comes to learning, we love a bit of a show! 


Place Value 

Back in the beginning of term, we began our learning looking at place value.  Keep up to date with your knowledge of place value by playing Place Value Millionaire check out the website:

Look at the presentation of our Maths work, it's super, duper neat! In Year 5, we likes to present our mathematical understanding in various ways, look at this number line calculation, independent at its best, we couldn't be more proud! 

 If you have some a dice at home, there a lots of games to play. Place Value Yahtzee is a favourite, have a look at game rules so you play it at home at:


Of course, we don't ever write on tables and we do most of our mathematical work in our book. But it's so good to go all out with our learning in Year 5. By the end of our multiplication unit we were able to multiply four digit number without the use of the dienes block to guide us.  How confident are you with your multiplications facts and skills? Make sure you complete you Google Classroom daily tasks. Here a brilliant website worth exploring to further develop your Maths skiils